The purpose and objectives of the journal

The purpose of the journal is to publish the results of fundamental and applied scientific research, which ensures their coordination and updating in the future. The publication is aimed at covering a wide range of problems related to the development of the animal husbandry industry, promoting the coordination of scientific opinion and the interaction of well-known scientists and young scientists.

The publication is intended for researchers, graduate students, teachers of higher educational institutions and specialists in the specified field of knowledge.

The first element of the journal’s architecture is a detailed summary for each article in two languages, which contains an aggregated description of the main achievements and specific results of the author(s) research covered in the article. In the future, to ensure access of the world scientific community to the author(s)’s work, this abstract, together with the full text of the printed article, is posted on the publication’s web page on the Institute’s website and submitted to external bibliographic and abstract databases. The editorial board of the journal is constantly working to ensure that the journal is represented in the leading libraries of Ukraine and the world.

Copyright for printed materials remains with the authors. The Author bears full responsibility for the content of the printed article and the reliability of the results and calculations presented in it.

Tasks of the journal are of a methodological, practical and research nature, namely:

  • ensuring a productive dialogue between scientists;
  • helping scientists to spread their research and ideas among representatives of agro-industrial production and scientists;
  • publication of the results of innovative fundamental and applied research, which contribute to the development of knowledge on the problems of animal husbandry, and also influence the improvement of the efficiency of the activities of enterprises producing animal husbandry products;
  • solving tasks focused on rational nature management and improving the quality of animal husbandry products.