Publication #129

Content of the publication

1. Photoperiod-dependent alterations in oxidatively modified proteins in the plasma of shetland pony mares and stallions involved in recreational horseback riding
2. Effects of dietary yeast β-1.3/1.6-glucans on lipid peroxidation in the hepatic and cardiac tissues of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum), europian whitefish (coregonus lavaretus l.), and grayling (thymallus thymallus l.)
3. Antibacterial efficacy of leaf extracts derived from ficus elastica roxb. Ex hornem. (moraceae) and its cultivars against aeromonas sobria strain
4. The effect of the type of body build of cows on their milk output and milk quality
5. The productivity of dairy cattle under different housing and feeding technologies
6. Comparative characteristic of genetic parameters of d – system blood group of novoalexandrovskaya drafter and torian breeds stallions
7. Biological samples contamination control of the sus scrofa using haploid dna markers
8. The productivity formation and features of young rabbits blood parameters under the influence of a phytobiotic
9. Strategic guidelines for managing the size and scale of production of agricultural dairy enterprises
10. Using of genetic-population studies results for assessment of selection work in dairy cattle populations
11. Use of feed additive tep-mix in the feeding of repair heifers
12. Vitamin-hormonal stimulation influence of repair pigs on their reproductive indicators at different times of the year
13. Diagnostic measures regarding viral diseases of bees in their modern domestic technological scheme keeping and breeding
14. Economic efficiency of the technological process for the production of silkmoth hybrids (bombyx mori l.) using breeds marked at the egg stage
15. Depending of rumination dynamics in milk cows on age in lactation
16. Sheep selection efficiency of the prekos breed (the kharkiv internal breed type) by growth intensity
17. Assessing of kappa-casein polymorphism in ukrainian charolais cattle and its associations with productivity traits
18. The heat stress influence reduction on milk productivity
19. Protective environments for animal sperm: evolution of methods and topical aspects (review article)
20. Selection analysis of the formation of the reproductive composition of the newly created Ukrainian trout breed group of horses
21. Dynamics of live weight formation and growth intensity of repair heifers using silage from a mixture of corn and sorghum
22. Swine`s raiting by evaluation and selection indexes
23. Protein metabolism indicators and their correlation with fattening and meat qualities of young pigs of different intensity of formation in early ontogenesis