Publication #128

Content of the publication

1. Effect of a dietary supplementation of saccharomyces cerevisiae mugl 39885 on fattening performance in growing commercial rabbits and a meta-analysis
2. Dose-dependent alterations in the biomarkers of lipid and protein oxidation in the muscle tissue of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum) after in vitro treatment by extracts of great celandine (chelidonium majus l.)
3. Antibacterial properties of commercially available cayeput essential oil against different gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
4. Oral vaccination against yersinia ruckeri: oxidative stress biomarkers in the gills of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum)
5. Seasonal changes in the productivity of first calving cows under different housing
6. The formation of heifers’ and springer heifers’ production traits under the influ-ence of paratypic factors
7. Main indicators of the wool quality of dniprovian meat breed sheep of different sexes and genotypes
8. Analysis of haplotype frequency distribution by CSN2 and CSN3 locus in the cattle population of the ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed
9. Influence of solutions of different osmolarity on morphometric parameters of 15-32-cells bovine embryos
10. The work of researchs at the department of animal reproduction biotechnology of the naan institute of animal breeding in developing the sphere of pig revival
11. The specifics to structure the system of parameters and standards for technolog-ical and technical solutions in the creation of small-scale production facilities
12. Technology of keeping bee with the purpose of increasing activity and hygienic behavior
13. Study of the possibility rearing of replacement young turkeys on regenerated litter
14. The level of heterosis and the degree of phenotypic dominance of the main economically valuable characteristics in f1 hybrids of the silkworm (bombyx mori l.)
15. The impact of different preparation techniques for calving heifers on their future dairy production
16. Proper beekeeping practices in the technology of keeping honey bee
17. Efficiency of selection models according to genealogical groups in obtaining breeding mares in the orlov’s trotter of the ukrainian population
18. Dynamics of development and current status of the novoalexandrovsky draft horse at the branch “Dibrivsky stud farm № 62” se “Ukraine horse breeding”

Publication year: 2022