Publication #127

Content of the publication

1. Historical retrospection of scientific research with problems of reproduction in livestock scientists of scientists of the institute of livestock institute naas (XX century)
2. Historical prerequisites and technological approaches cryocorpreseration of agricultural sperm
3. Marker-assisted selection for genotyping herds of hybrid gilts based on population-genetic variability
4. Genetic analysis of local ukrainian horse breeds by polymorphisms in LY49B, EDNRB and CSN3 genes
5. Modeling of phenotypic productivity of cows depending on paratypic factors
6. Planning decisions of reconstruction work in pig reproduction using artificial insemination
7. Productivity parameters of dairy cows with different genotypes of tnf-α and myf5 locis
8. The gene pool of the trakehner horse breed of domestic selection
9. Efficiency of the innovative approach to the organization of milk cow feeding technology
10. Productivity and adaptability of bright different genotypes under the influence of climate factors
11. Resistance and product quality of rabbit using probiotics «enteronormin detox»
12. Definition of organizational mechanisms of livestock production on the principles of innovative bioeconomics
13. Evaluation of milk quality parameters from cows with mastitis
14. Intensification of Hy-Plus hybrid rabbit breeding technology
15. The influence of the phases of the annual technological cycle on the dynamics of ruminator activity in healthy cow milking
16. Intensity of growth and meat productivity of young sheep under influence of complex energy – protein food addition
17. The impact of weight gain og sheep in non-reproductive period on reproductive qualities
18. Method for converting blood quantitative indicators into qualitative ones
19. Evaluation of mare families of orlov’s trotter of ukrainian population horses
20. Phylogenetic processes in european and asian pig populations
21. External indication age models for first calving

Publication year: 2022