Publication #126

Content of the publication

1. Biomarkers of oxidative stress in the muscle tissue of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum) after in vitro treatment by extracts derived from stalks and roots of greater celandine (chelidonium majus l.)
2. Antimicrobial efficacy of ethanolic extracts derived from stalks and roots of chelidonium majus l. against different types of staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli strains
3. Results of crossbreeding of ayrshire cattle
4. Productivity and behavior of cows of different ages with changed milking technology
5. Efficiency of using feeds for milking cows of different breeds
6. Parameters of meat productivity of young rabbits with probiotics usage
7. Study of β-casein gene polymorphism and its relationship with milk composition of ukrainian black-and-white dairy cows
8. Parameters of the technology of keeping and feeding cattle using robotic cow milking
9. Influence of different methods of regeneration of the used turkey litter on the ki-netics of the process of its thermal processing and microbial observation
10. Depending on breеd and age parameters
11. Productivity and reproducibility of sheep of the tavrian breeding type of askanian breed at different breeding methods and conditions
12. Features of the adaptive reaction of the sheep related to meat productivity of different ecogenesis
13. Influence of paratypic parameters on the efficiency of breeding of heifers
14. Use of bypass protein and starch to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas and ammonia
15. Assessment of stallions-producers of the ukrainian orlov trotter breed of the ukrainian breeding
16. Fattening and meat quality parameters of young pigs of different in-breed differentiations according to si4 selection index and sazer-fredin index

Publication year: 2021