Publication #125

Content of the publication

1. The antibacterial efficacy of ethanol extracts obtained from leaves of some thymus species (lamiaceae) against staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus strain
2. Genetic analysis of ukrainian large white pig breed by polymorphisms in RYR1, ESR1 and PRLR genes
3. Alterations of lactate dehydrogenase activity in the skeletal muscles and cardiac tissue of salmonid after disinfecting procedure with chloramine-t
4. Evaluation of oxidative stress biomarkers in equine erythrocytes after in vitro treatment with leaf extract of thymus pulegioides l. (lamiaceae)
5. Productive and reproductive performance of first calving crossbred cows
6. Polymorphism of growth hormone receptor gene and myogenic factor 5 gene in dairy cattle populations
7. Comparison of different housing systems for cows during heat stress
8. Some aspects of agricultural exhibitions organization of breeding cattle
9. Implementation and efficiency of different approaches to the organization of milking cow technology
10. Probiotic feed additives – perspectives of rational feeding of calves
11. Fattening and meat qualities of intra-breed type of pigs of the duroc breed of the ukrainian selection «stepovy» at various methods of breeding and weight conditions
12. Technological approaches for sanitary processing of footwear and clothes of livestock workers
13. Digestibility of organic substances in different sections of the digestive tract of bulls with a reduction of the amount of soluble protein in the diet
14. Dynamics of the results of traditional prizes at 1600 m horses of russian trotting horses for 2000-2020
15. Influence of breeding methods and age of danish sows on their productivity
16. Influence of cow watering technology on ruminator processes and dairy productivity
17. Protein composition and nutritional milk value of cows of ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed with different genotypes of capa-casein (CSN3)
18. Sorption condition of head tissues and reproductive ability and honey productivity of bees fed with different amounts of flax oil in feed additive
19. The parameters of selection, the genealogical structure and methods of breeding ukrainian riding horse breed
20. The level of discretion of reproductive qualities and their correlation relations in sows of different interbreed differentiation according to some evaluation indexes
21. Analysis of the reproductive qualities of landras and walsh pigs in the breeding entities of ukraine