Publication #124

Content of the publication

1. The antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extracts derived from leaves and pseudobulbs of coelogyne flaccida lindl. (orchidaceae) against different staphylococcus aureusstrains
2. Genetic diversity of simmental cattle lines by polymorphic blood group systems
3. Post-vaccinated alterations in the markers of lipid and protein oxidation in the gills of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum) immunized against the enteric redmouth disease
4. Exercise-induced changes in the level of total protein and its fractions in the blood of horses involved in recreational horseback riding
5. Reproductive capacity, health and dairy productivity of crossbreed cows
6. Influence of pig stocking density on productivity during rearing
7. The level of nervous balance in hucul horse breed of different types
8. The influence of the smooth change of the light spectrum in poultry houses during the period of raising broiler chickens on their growth performance
9. Productivity of milking cows using new feeding technology
10. Psychophysiological properties of puppies as selection markers for their further use
11. Slaughter qualities of young pigs of landras and welsh
12. The influence of amino acid nutrition on the productivity of rainbow trout
13. Boar sperm survival ability in distinctors of differently produced distilled water
14. The effect of stocking density on egg production, preservation and efficiency of using laying hens in battery cages
15. Greenhouse gas emissions from by-products during charolet meat breeding
16. The using efficiency of probiotics, based on lactic acid bacteria, during the ration composition change period at the lactation transit phase in dairy cows
17. Theoretical fundamentals of fattening cattle in historical and modern retro-spection (according to the bibliography of Academician G. Bogdanov)
18. The influence of dietary basic limiting amino acids and metabolic energy levels on protein metabolism indicators and productivity of piglets
19. Features of the karyotype of white-headed cows of ukrainian breed
20. Tori horse breed in Ukraine
21. Agrocluster as a basis for development of rural territories
22. State and trends of the development of competitive sheep breeding in Ukraine
23. Results of breeding value evaluation of sows with the use of traditional and in-novative methods
24. Features of processing of waterfowl eggs during the incubation
25. Selection efficiency of inbred cattle of ukrainian whitehead breed