Publication #123

Content of the publication

1. Antioxidant activity of vegetative organs of dendrobium parishii rchb.f. in the muscle tissue of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum): in vitro model study
2. Identification of the antibacterial efficacy of ethanolic extracts from aglaonema commutatum schott leaves and its cultivars against escherichia coli strain
3. In vitro screening for antimicrobial potential of ethanolic leaf extracts of some begonia species against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) strain
4. Exercise-induced alterations of the oxidative stress biomarkers in erythrocytesof ponies involved in recreational horseback riding
5. Phenotypic consolidation coefficients of birth-weight indicators in sows of welsh breed
6. Associative relationships of kappa-casein, beta-lactoglobulin, leptin and soma-totropin genotypes with dairy productivity in simmental breed
7. Selection and breeding work with producing stock of sheep breeds reared in Belarus
8. Technological and economic assessment of products in households for various technologies of poultry maintenance
9. Development of replacement heifers related to the different genealogical lines of the simmental breed in the post-natal ontogeny
10. A. A. Belikov’s scientific legacy in the development of reproduction biology, theory and practice of artificial insemination in pigs (timed to the 85th anniversary of birth)
11. Features of valuation of domestic animals
12. Assessment of stallions of the novoaleksandrovsky draft breed
13. The determination of selection borders for pigs
14. Comprehensive assessment of farming rams’ breeding value related to different genotypes
15. Justification of candidate polymorphisms usage in marker-assisted selection of ukrainian meaty pig breed
16. Impact of technological and constructive features of preparation and distribution of feed in groups on the main indicators of microclimate in groups of farrowing old piglets from one to three months
17. Morphometric and reproductive characteristics of the central asian shepherd dog breed under different housing conditions
18. Daily dynamics of sexual hunting signs in cows and heifers of mating age of dairy herd with loose housing
19. Genealogical lines in the orlov’s trotting breed of the ukrainian part of the pop-ulation
20. Calculation of genetic potential of productivity in pig breeding

Publication year: 2020