Publication #122

Content of the publication

1. Oxidatively modified proteins level in the muscle tissue of the rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum) as a biomarker of antioxidant properties of leaf extracts of camellia japonica l. Cultivars (theaceae d. Don)
2. An in vitro assessment of the anti-aeromonas properties of leaf extract obtained from ficus lyrata warb. (moraceae)
3. Evaluation of oxidative stress biomarkers levels in the equine blood after in vitro treatment with sansevieria caulescens extract
4. The young black-and-white dairy cattle functional traits formation at different technology of housing and birth season
5. Managing the usage of milking robots in a commercial dairy complex of “Olshanske” private agricultural enterprise
6. Efficiency of parent pairs selection at orlov trotter received of 2.05 class and faster by a complex of selection signs
7. Technological process of temperature preparation of the fodder mixture in cold time of the year
8. Genetic characteristics of the tori horse breed in ukraine
9. Overview of organic fertilizer processing methods
10. Selection of service dogs by types of higher nervous activoities
11. Quality, chemical composition and nutritional value of winter and spring forage crops
12. Agricultural manufacturing of the eastern region of Ukraine resource potential development
13. Genealogical structure of novoalexandrovsky draft horse
14. Assessment of the genetic variability of a group of foxes with issr and rapd DNA markers
15. Bypass food products – a radical solution for high milk yield stability and cows productive longevity increasing
16. Dynamics of changes in the genetic structure of the simmental breed by the im-munogenetic criteria
17. Main results of priority researches of institute’s of animal scince of NAAN scientific schools
18. Fatty acid composition of total lipids and sorption capacity of bee thorax tissue at different amounts of sunflower oil in feed additive
19. Influence of protected from digestion in cattle rumen protein and essential amino acids on the cows productivity and milk quality
20. Condition and ways of enhancement of the horse breeding system for the work-user direction of the kherson region
21. Low-intensive laser radiation influence on animals reproduction indexes
22. Evaluation of selection traits trakehner horses
23. Immunogenetic characteristics of ukrainian selections orlov trotter horses breed
24. Influence of phenotypic factors on the productivity of cows and somatic cells content in milk
25. Body index of two-breed repair pigs and sows

Publication year: 2019