Publication #121

Content of the publication

1. Effect of rosemary essential oil on lipid peroxidation in the vari-ous plant oils
2. The antibacterial activity of the ethanolic leaf extract of ficus vasta forssk. (moraceae) against aeromonas spp. strains
3. Biochemical indicators of blood of rabbits of meat’s aт low-component feeding
4. Improvement of the technological solution of the element of heifers growing cultivation of the chips of the colostric-preventive period
5. The influence of the trakenen breed on the formation of the ukrainian warmblood breed horses
6. The color and the liveliness orlov’s trotting breed of horses
7. Estimation of the producing sheep of semi-finewooled breeds according to set of breeding traits
8. Quality, chemical composition and nutritional value at joint corn and sorghum crops
9. The decrease of technological losses while raising piglets during the sucking period by introducing probiotic complex drug to the rations
10. Efficiency feeding of dried corn distillers grains to lactating cows
11. Stressity purebred and crossbred pigs
12. Research of parameters of a charter’s microclimate and a chemical way to last chickens for use of cell batteries with different surface systems
13. Environment temperature as a factor of influence on the cattle’s productivity
14. Fractal analysis of the pigs muscle tissue histostructure: a preliminary study
15. Fertility and multi-fertilization of sows depending on the multiplicity of insemi-nation in different seasons
16. Rational use of genetic resources on the example of simmental breeds of cattle
17. Breeding by families with the improvement of sumy intra-breed type of ukrainian black-and-white milk breed
18. Research of technological receptions of preparation of high-productive cows for milking
19. Assessment of components of combination ability silver black foxes of different lines by fertility
20. Features of the structure of anatomical parts of the body and meatiness of cows of the znamensky type poliska breed of different lines
21. The formation of mare families and their role in the microevolution of the ukrainian warmblood horse breed

Publication year: 2019